Eleanor Imbody

Assistant to the President

Eleanor Roth Imbody joined Browne & Miller in early 2018 as an editorial associate after participating in the agency’s internship program, and she became the Assistant to the President in the fall of 2018. She holds a BA in English Writing from Wheaton College and is currently pursuing a certificate in manuscript editing from the University of Chicago. She is also a reviewer for Booklist. A native of Los Angeles, Ellie previously worked as a production assistant in the film/TV industry. There’s no genre Ellie won’t read, but she’s most often drawn to speculative fiction and thrillers. She has an unwavering love for Michael Crichton, and also enjoys the work of Gillian Flynn, Blake Crouch, Kelly Link, Aimee Bender, Ted Chiang, and Chuck Klosterman. You can find her on Twitter at @EleanorImbody.