Clancey D’Isa

Assistant to the President

Clancey D’Isa joined Browne & Miller Literary Associates in the winter of 2017 as the Assistant to the President, after working for the University of Chicago in a range of administrative and teaching roles. She has freelanced her editorial and design skills, edited for the humanities journal Colloquium and, during college, co-founded the feminist magazine What The F.  Prior to working for the University of Chicago, Clancey received her Master of Arts degree in the Humanities from the same institution, where her studies focused mainly on 19th century historical fiction; she also holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan.  She is a committed reader whose tastes include domestic dramas, trans-generational narratives, historical fiction, narratives of friendship, and true crime. In her spare time, Clancey teaches academic writing to overly-anxious college students, listens to a range of fairly mediocre podcasts and enjoys touring Chicago’s Westside.